Status update

Well, that didn’t last long; less than a year and like a handful of posts later, this blog, too, came to a grinding halt. One has to give credit to those who do manage to keep the posts coming and build up an audience. Especially those doing it on the side.

But well, as is my philosophy with all the new stuff that I start full of enthusiasm (that I know is going to wind down at some point), it’s not about starting new things, and it’s not about keeping the habit going. It’s about picking up after dropping down (which is going to happen, often sooner, sometimes later). To quote the late Aaliyah (paraphrasing others) ‘If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again’.

So here we go, I just removed the layer of dust on this blog, starting with redacting 2000 (!) comments that were 99.9% spam and updating WordPress (had to use the command line utility and manually change some permissions, but all notifications are gone from the dashboard now).

I noticed some of the posts I did before deserve a follow up. Also, the name of this blog does currently not align with blogging plans I have. Although I’m still working as a mobile developer, it’s mostly for customers and ‘just make it work’, so blog-worthy endeavours are sparse. Instead, I’ve some new hobbies. I’m now figuring out so much home automation stuff, that I feel there’s lot’s of material there. Also, I’ve picked up my aquarium hobby after over a decade, which may be food for some posts as well.

From what I’ve learned from the previous burst of effort, single blog posts can be enough to get visitors to your blog (much easier to achieve than getting regular readers). In that respect, Google is your friend. This blog, and even one that is abandoned since 2012, as well as a few tiny one-off single subject side projects, still bring in a few visitors a day (although I’m not sure which part of that is referral spam or anything other irrelevant).

But then again, perhaps this post will be followed by another long silence. Only time will tell.

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